Context and Introduction

July 2011, the Joke Waller Hunters Initiative selected Mr. Abdul Waheed Jamali as grantee to develop his leadership skills in the field of environmental governance, sustainable natural resources management and agrarian reforms. During his fellowship, he founded this environmental organization and got it registered on 20th February 2012 under Societies Act of 1860 in Pakistan. The organization is being looked after by an elected Executive Committee and our core values are transparency, accountability and equality.

SEARCH [Society for Environmental Actions, Reconstruction and Humanitarian Response] is environmental NGO working in Pakistan for food security, Climate Adaptation, Sustainable Development & Rural Reconstruction, DRR and Humanitarian response. SEARCH was established in 2011 in Pakistan and got it registered as an NGO (under the Societies Act XXI of 1860) with the Registration No: 6481 on 20th February, 2012.

SEARCH’s work is based on the values of Rural Reconstruction motivation and obligation towards the development of the individual as a whole. In this regard, it employs and promotes ‘demand-led’ or self-help strategies towards sustainable development, natural resources management and food security.